Elektrik diktiert ihre Produkte!

e-power designs. Consider electricity, connections, and power in your designs.

Exploding price development. Power consumption is becoming increasingly of decisive factor influencing your ideas.

In addition to

  • UI/UX usability/consumer concerns,
  • integration of new materials or new production processes:

Take electricity power/energy into account at early times when designing new intelligent or smart e-products.

New types of charging, self-driving power packs – from epdPP  designed – take this into account:

we at e-power designs PP

help you to design your e-product.

AnhaengerNativ Elektrik diktiert ihre Produkte!

The picture shows that the parts don’t have to be reinvented.

e-power designs want:
* Increase your independence(blackout!) in your e-home.
* Transport anything that doesn’t fit in your small e-car.
* Increase your driving range.
* Leave your PP to your neighbor so that he can use it instead of your nice e-car.
* You contribute to better network coverage.

And a lot more is possible with our driving power packs!

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