Sponsor in a great idea, sponsoring for your future and in e-cars!

I’m a teacher and founder of this e-car idea at www.drivingpowerpacks.com

I believe we as human haven’t recognized how and where e-power can be delivered to consumers such as wheelchairs or e-tracks, e-living houses or even e-cars.

Image you invest in a simple idea that changes e-cars, energy understanding and our life! Driving e-packs have this potential.  These packs or e-extenders should deliver e-power to other participants such as e-tracks, e-tractors, e-living houses or even e-cars.

An e-extender might look like a small e-car.  The e-extender needs to follow the vehicle driving in front of it and yes #ecar_REAR_connection_option. .

Well, my dream is to evaluate this idea. Such as autonom electric traffic ideas, e-extenders, rear e-connections, electronic steering, speed limitations versus abrasion or what happens when consumers can produce their own energy.

So I ask you are you ready to following my idea. Lets design a human required environment instead of cars. Lets design traffic more than horse-drawn cars like cars looks today, somehow.

Thank you for your interest.

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